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Changing the Face of India with St+Art India Foundation

I’m sure you must have come across the lively street art and graffiti at Delhi’s famous Lodhi art district. The view is all too much and equally breathtaking to take in with colours, messages, and illustrations revolutionising lives. And we don’t blame you if you’ve been there to transform your Instagram into something magical. Hell, the place is definitely instagrammable.

Started in 2014 by a bunch of talented artists looking out to change the face of the country through art, this non-profit organisation has been painting the cities of the country with colours and hope.

“It all started back in the day, when I was shooting a video for one of the first group walls that had happened, in the Hauz Khas lot. The wall was painted by Bond, Daku, Zion and a few more artists. That's when I got in touch with the street art community,” said Akshat Nauriyal, Content Director & Co-Founder of St+Art India in a conversation with Mensxp.

In a journey to bring something innovative, St+Art Indian foundation moved away from the conventional art galleries and found art in places accessible to everyone.

It doesn’t even end there. Every year Lodhi Art festival showcases some of the best artworks. The festival is accompanied by some out of the world live music performances by indie music artists from India. Prabh deep and Yung Raja have been in the lineup. Also, a live radio streaming with Boxout.fm takes the whole vibe up a notch.

The initiative tries to make a public space something that would kick start a stimulating conversation instead of being just plain boring. This would happen in spaces that are associated with some social context creating an ecosystem of street art and global artists.

The organisation has so far worked with hundreds of artists within and outside India.

Mumbai, Bengaluru, Delhi and you name it, St+Art India Foundation has been doing it’s bit in building smart cities.

Are you ready to do yours? Well, spread awareness, promote art, and go around having meaningful conversations about social and political nuances of our nation, and you’re good to go.

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