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Music Over Coffee With Maed In India

Venturing into the world of independent music in India, I feel incredibly lucky to have come across platforms that have been working relentlessly to bring about a revolution in the scene. This week is no different. What I’m going to be talking about is an initiative towards promoting indie music artists in India. 

The first ever indie music podcast in India and the very platform that has introduced indie music enthusiasts to some of the best musical talents in the country, Maed in India, is one of a kind. 

It comes off as no surprise that it was ranked by iTunes as one of India’s top podcasts in 2018. 

Started some three years ago by Mae Mariyam Thomas, it is a one stop shop to all things music. 

If there’s any place where stories, music, and discussions on trending issues in the industry are blended into one, it is Maed In India. 

In a conversation with The Hindu, Mae talks about its inception, “I’m an 80s-90s kid and radio was a place where I discovered music. Not any more. So I wanted to bring that idea back, that feeling of curiosity and discovering something new.”

With over 150 podcast sessions done so far, Maed in India has introduced the world to some incredibly talented indie artists. If that wasn’t enough to give the scene the perfect push, Maed in India has even introduced quite a few tracks that were unheard of by these artists themselves. With Mae being her happy-go-lucky self, the show becomes more engaging everyday. 

The “best of” episode that is aired at the end of every year features some of the best selected tracks, interviews, and commentaries combined with some audio bytes of the candid conversations that take place during the live podcast. 

If you’re on the lookout for some good music and are open to being introduced to known as well struggling artists, talented nevertheless, tune into Maed In India every Monday.

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