• Priyadarshni Bishnoi

Out of the Box with Boxout

Well, it's no secret that independent music scene has taken a leap for good in the last few years in India. Heck, it is honestly the best time to be involved in the indie music scene in India with all these EPs and albums coming out every month like there’s no tomorrow. And with that being said, there’s still a long way to go when it comes to platforms and people doing their best to promote indie music circuit in here. Of course, unless you’re signed by a behemoth of a record label with a marketing budget to help you soar in the circuit, you might be pigeonholed into a realm of endless bedroom records and a gone-with-the-wind social media presence.

Well, it is safe to say that a few out there are really big on promoting the scene and there’s one that understood the power of an online community radio to unite our musical brothers in arms. Boxout.fm is an online community radio born with the dream to take the underground music in India and abroad to a place where it is just out there doing its thing, you know. Call me delusional, but I think with all these Indian venues and music promoters being totally averse to a risky leap into the scene, New Delhi-based promoter, DJ and former artiste manager Mohammed Abood (aka DJ MoCity) and EDM producer Sahej Bakshi (aka Dualist Inquiry) did just exactly what was needed to save it from crashing real bad. What can I say, it was just the beginning of the movement that we would all be a part of in the future. 

With the intention to promote musicians through an online community radio, while the musicians invest solely in making good music for the listeners, Boxout.fm was born in April, 2017. And if that wasn’t enough, they even curate music made by minority artists all across the globe. Talk about genuine promotion! Their sessions have been successfully featuring some of potentially incredible electronica artists in the circuit. While there are shows that feature DJ artists, Boxout.fm keeps their website open to everyone to contribute songs and ideas. What I have forever loved about them is that they have a knack for showcasing the best of experimental music in their shows. Their Boxout Weekender festival is one of a kind. With some extremely talented homegrown artists showcasing their diverse skills, Boxout Weekender is a yearly hit.  

I think they did right in holding on to the potential of alternative radio to transform the way

we see music and obviously, the consumption has just gotten better. The next time you feel like getting to know some of the best local musicians, do attend one of their live sets at Delhi’s Summer House Cafe as a part of their Boxout Wednesdays. You think the music doesn’t fit in a regular festival? Well, hear it out on Boxout.fm!

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