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The Indian Music Diaries

This week is all about an online music platform that has taken the independent music scene by storm. Why I don’t call it an online music publication is because it does not limit itself to the mainstream media and its elements. It goes beyond and believes in presenting an innovative blend of videos, photographs, live sessions, and so much more. The Indian Music Diaries has been leading a movement towards liberating the independent music culture in india from the shackles of popular discourse since its inception. The brainchild of Akshay Kapoor, an IIMC graduate, TIMD has been unwavering in bringing forth a talented lot of independent music artists in the scene through its unabashed reporting.

Having being run by a team of incredibly passionate media professionals and content creators, it makes its  sole responsibility to create a space for independent artists through music journalism. That, which began in 2014 with an instagram page, is increasingly being followed and loved, and has now come up with its very own website that showcases the nuances of independent music scene in India through its various programmes. Their coverage runs across every nook and cranny of India, covering live music concerts, gigs, and underground sessions of homegrown artists. If you’ve come across their instagram page, you must have watched one of their sessions name “TIMDSkills”. They touch upon a myriad of subjects that music enthusiasts and anyone in the industry would deem essential. An experienced artists or someone from the industry having come from a place of knowledge and experience would talk about certain skills that are crucial to thrive in the independent music industry. If all of this wasn’t enough, TIMD has gone a step ahead and come up with an in-depth conversational session with the top independent music artists on their YouTube channel under the moniker “In Conversation With”. Another one of their YouTube programmes titled “Live from the Scene” is a total hit among the close knit community of fans, music artists, and the ones who work relentlessly to build a sustainable ecosystem for independent music space in India. In this one, TIMD covers gigs and concerts live from the scene.

“The idea is not to focus on any particular genre. We relentlessly pursue any and everything that is connected with independent music on social media and through our networks. We scour the web for information, Facebook is a great platform for this. Apart from this we are in constant touch with the artist community and the people connected with it.” said Akshay Kapoor to The North East Today while talking about his incredible initiative.

The Indian Music Diaries has been truly dedicated in giving a boost to the emerging independent music scene in India by bridging the gap between their music and the larger public. It would be an understatement to say that I am a mere fan. If you’re into independent music and want to know everything that goes behind the scenes, you know whom to look out for now.


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